About Us

The content distribution business has never been littered with as many sources of news as there are today, still we have created a bubble around our content as the most accurate among the crowds trying to provide technology updates. Standing clear from the easy follow procedures that often lead to stale content that does not get readers engaged, we have managed to grow our readers from a couple hundred to well over a hundred thousand.

Creatives who work with us have shown resilience through the rapid changes that technology undergoes on a regular basis. Being able to deliver updates on a daily basis, when the average time for an idea to get published is not less than a week.

We have managed to become more than just a platform for readers to come over and read the most intriguing technology news. The platform is now a stage for readers to discuss technology and share their views all in effort to make known the right side of all technology.

Looking into the future, we are set in track to be the most reliable news updates platform that focuses entirely on the most sought after technology from all around the world.