Here Are The Real Advantages of Flying on a Private Jet

Private Jets are luxurious and comfortable, and there is no argument there. But is that all there is to the most expensive mode of travel? Private air charter flights canada first class or business class also delivers comfort and luxury, but why is it that private air charter flights in Canada are becoming more and more popular? If we look deeper into the industry, we will find that there are a lot more advantages and benefits that make private jets so special and convenient.

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For instance, if a typically first class flight costs $1,000, a private jet ride on the same route can cost around $4,500. And with the increasing demand and private jet charter startups everywhere, it is justified that there is much more to it than simply the comfort. To know the real benefits that justifies spending so much more than first class, one has to appreciate the one factor that most highly successful people today emphasizes, and that is time. At the end of the day, it’s all about saving time, and it returns, saving money. But the question is, how is it balanced out?

Less Ground Time

When are talking about saving time, the race begins on the way to the airport. Small private jets do not need huge runways, a lot of staffs or complex preparations such as commercial planes, and can take off from smaller spaces.

On top of that, there are a lot smaller airports than larger ones, so they are easier to reach too. Not to mention, without the rush of commercial airlines crowd, the minor airports are much less jammed and more pleasant.

Private jet passengers also do not have to deal long check-in lines or security checks, allowing the freedom to arrive just minutes before take-off time. So no more traveling to airports hours before flight time to wrestle through the lines, and thus, less time spent on unproductivity. It is as simple as picking up your bags and throwing them in.

Overall, private jet experiences are designed to match the airlines need to that of the passenger, which is the opposite of how commercial airlines operate.

Faster Trips

One of the other advantages of private jets is that they are not tied to specific routes and networks, and does not need to make any stops in between. So if your tank is full, you can easily go directly to your destination without any interruption.

Along with that, private jets are generally smaller and designed to fly and climb faster, making it easy to fly over crappy weathers. While commercial planes fly at around 35,000 feet, private jets can fly higher, going above traffic, avoiding busy routes and find flexible wind conditions.


Along with saving time and traveling faster, private jets also offer the luxury of privacy. When you are flying alone, it is much easier to get work done, especially for busy business executives. This cannot be found on a first class flight, as there is no privacy of conversation, making it hard to get work done on the go.

So the next time you wonder why companies spend tens of millions to buy their own jets instead of putting employees on commercial flights, and whether the high cost is worth it, know that it’s not about creature comforts. It’s about saving time and money.

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