A New Way of Delivering IT Services


fans of IT services Toronto will be pleased to learn there’s a new method of providing services in today’s market based on a boost in the use of technology. Teskostudio is an IT company that’s now worth $31 billion in total revenue and is trusted managed it consulting Toronto. However, the way hasn’t been easy for the company, and especially in today’s era of major tech shifts. In 2015 the company had 130,000 employees located in India. However, the company is now shifting its focus. The company is focusing the workers in its consulting division in areas such Internet of Things (IoT) and digital to rival Infosys and TCS in similar types of projects.

Bhaskar Ghosh is Accenture Technology Services’ group chief executive. HE explained how the company is altering its approach to business. Its goal is to be more flexible and skill its workers in a different way.

For example, he wants to focus on innovation. The industry of IT services is going through a lot of changes today. It's greatly caused by more usage of tech in many aspects of life. Thus, there’s a new method of providing services in the industry today. More than 80% of businesses that the company speaks with are having some sort of major ecosystem changes. In that kind of situation they have to either cause a market disruption or they’ll become disrupted themselves. Due to the situation their only option is to become innovative.

He explains that the IT industry in Market has mostly focused on industrialization during the past few decades. It’s providing delivery at scale. However, today what’s more important is delivering innovation/innovation delivery due to the factor of automation.

This is a new shift. All companies need to stay innovative in order to keep being relevant within their particular model of business. The company’s business context is that it’s providing businesses with new services. However, it’s also bringing brand new skillsets to employees, and is bringing new products/services as well.

The chief executive’s talks with clients have changed. In the past it was mainly about providing service agreements, how many employees were working on a particular project, and so on. He gave the example of talking to a German company’s CIO recently. He asked about how his company could deliver new information technology to his company. That’s because the workers have old skillsets. For this reason companies have to deliver new IT and also alter the type of talks they have with customers in today’s business environment.

Several companies do provide innovation. Today, they can use the method of scale in order to provide better innovation. It’s important to have the proper innovation structure so companies can create the proper culture. In the chief executive’s innovative structure, the focus of the innovation is being led by the company’s Technology Labs. The company has labs in areas such as California, Virginia, and France, and Beijing. The tech labs center on different areas as well as specialization. For example, one has a particular focus on software engineering and artificial intelligence.

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