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AAEAAQAAAAAAAAUXAAAAJDZiY2Y4OWNlLTBkMTEtNDc1OS05NTczLTI1MTcwMDVjNTY4ZgLevel 3 communication is an experiential marketing service agency and internet service providing company. It is located in Colorado, Broom field. The company offers voice, video, IP and content provider. They offer services to large and medium businesses in North America, Europe, as well as South America. It is famous for its fiber optic internet access as well as the largest competitive local exchange carrier in United States.

Level 3 Communications has had its share of success including from transferring its stock from NASDAQ to the larger New York Stock Exchange. In 2012, it was able to get European content provider, Voxility to be their clients. It provides about 250 gigabytes to the Voxility main datacenters. It has also had the chance to work with the US Department of defense, they offered the fiber cable operations and maintenance worth 411 million. 2 years ago it acquired the TW telecom which was worth 5.7 billion dollars.

On 26th may, Level 3 Communication took their success to the next level. This is through launching a cloud based network security solutions. Considering the latest news have been business data being hacked, this was launched timely. It will able to offer best next generation firewall, application awareness, antimalware with sandboxing, as well as data loss protection.

It will be available in the global market in 30thJune. From then any user will be able to shift their data center to Level 3 Network, you will have the opportunity to access the collection of security services. In the customer portal, the customer will be able to access performance reports.

There are many advantages that will come with the Level 3 Communications.

Level 3 regional president EMEA Andrew Crouch explained that with these new technology, it will be able to tackle with the challenge of businesses keeping up to date with technology. They resolve this by providing enterprises at the local level, branch office.

They also have researched and figured out that malware is deposited on the web, many are the times our networks are infested with virus when we download applications. With their technology you will have the ability to scan the application and filter it if necessary.

It should be noted that they have taken into consideration, what is affecting many businesses right now, am talking about security. You will have the freedom of accessing your data safely anywhere regardless of the carrier or connection. You can take advantage of the Level 3 global backbone capacity which is more than 42TB per second.

Not only does it provide security but also flexibility which is a necessity to many businesses. With the level 3 network, you don’t need to always be in control of the IT budget as well as always updating your hardware. To add on top of all that, it is very simple to use, it has simple yet efficient architectural desin. It has been able to make a breed by integrating collection of security tools. The client’s voice has been heard as well as thanks to Level 3 Communication’s ESG, all your fears about data security is all gone.

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