Plumber Etobicoke On How To Handle Leaks


When they need a plumber Etobicoke homeowners often hesitate to make the call; plumber rates can sometimes burn a hole in their pockets. Most of the time however, failing to make the call immediately can lead to worse damage and a larger repair bill. The secret is in knowing when to call a plumber Etobicoke residents can rely on for professional repair services. Organizations such as the Ontario Plumbing Inspectors Association may be able to provide references to excellent plumbers in your area.

The most common plumbing complaint has to be a leak; these can occur anywhere in the system and can there is always the potential for collateral damage. Leaks can cause costly repairs, especially if you do not really know when to do the fix yourself and when to call a professional plumber. The following are some common causes of plumbing leaks and some useful tips on dealing with them.


A dripping faucet is something that you can easily see and deal with. It is usually given away by a dripping sound, a wet area, or a drip you can openly see. Sometimes mold develops in wet areas so you are likely to notice a different smell. The solutions are just as simple: close the shut-off valve and replace a gasket or the whole faucet. If you are even just a bit handy with tools, you can do either yourself; if not just call a plumber.


Continuous water flow through the flush tank’s float valve can be verified by seeing actual flow to the bowl or by putting dye in the flush tank. If there is a leak, the dye will color the water in the toilet bowl. You’ll have to be really handy with tools to be able to replace the flush tank’s float valve mechanism. If you have any doubts, just call on your friendly Etobicoke plumber unless you’d rather be stuck with high water bills every month.

If the leak is on a hose or faucet, just buy a replacement and install it yourself. Leaks at the base of the toilet bowl probably need a wax seal replacement which is a job better left to professionals.

Hidden Leaking Water Lines:

If your water bill is abnormally high but there are no visible signs of a leak, it is time for you to verify the tightness of your system. To do this all you have to do is close the main water supply shut-off valve for about an hour. If the water meter reading moves, call a plumber. Leaks on water pipes buried underground or behind walls can only be safely done by licensed Etobicoke plumbers.

Leaks On Appliance Hoses:

Appliances like water heaters, dish washers, and washing machines all have supply and drain hoses that may leak. Although drain water leaks do not impact your water bill, the puddles pose a threat to health and may damage floors, walls and other portions of your home. Replace broken hoses only if you feel very confident about you can do it.

Often professional help saves you time, effort and from the possibility of just making the problem much worse.

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